Lorna Whiston is a very nice place to study. The teachers are very kind and friendly. Lorna Whiston has helped me in writing good essays – I have improved on my writing skills.
Goh Jan Shen,
Advanced Language 1
Advanced Language 1
Our Advanced Language 1 syllabus has been developed around interesting topics and novels and is designed to motivate adolescent learners to build strong language and literacy skills.
Advanced Language 2
Our motivating Advanced Language 2 programme centres around carefully selected, age-appropriate literature and is successful in developing students' language skills in the key areas of reading comprehension, speaking and writing.
Advanced Language 3
This programme follows on from Advanced Language 3 to develop the students' skills in the areas of speaking, reading and writing leading towards greater competence and confidence in the English language.
Advanced Language 4
Our Advanced Language 4 syllabus has been developed to ensure students have mastered the skills to help them through the rest of their academic life and beyond.
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