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Our Language Extension 1 programme focuses on developing oral language skills, vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and composition. Children are taught these skills through a wide variety of interesting themes.
Language Extension 1
By the end of our Language Extension 1 programme, we aim for the students to be able to:

  • use standard English to express their ideas verbally
  • listen and respond to stories, poems and other literary stimuli
  • read age-appropriate books confidently and with understanding
  • use phonic sounds and blends to assist with decoding and spelling
  • appreciate and retell stories in their own words and sequence their main events
  • write a short composition with guidance and input from the teacher
  • attempt basic factual writing
  • understand and apply basic punctuation conventions
  • use an age-appropriate vocabulary to express themselves clearly
  • attempt simple cloze passages using helping words
  • answer simple reading comprehension passages
  • have a basic understanding of tenses and simple grammar
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