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Lorna Whiston's Language Extension 3 programme focuses on giving students a solid foundation in speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, and ensuring that they are able to use a broad and expressive vocabulary in both speech and writing. This programme aims to develop children's language accuracy, by providing them with specific instruction in grammar and tense usage.
Language Extension 3
By the end of our Language Extension 3 programme, we aim for the students to be able to:

  • speak clearly using standard English
  • work co-operatively in groups to plan, brainstorm, problem-solve, give opinions and discuss ideas
  • read age-appropriate books with understanding and be able to skim and scan texts for gist and specific information
  • summarise a book in their own words and comment on the main events, characters and plot
  • plan, draft, write and edit their own compositions
  • write in different genres, including letters, poems, summaries, narratives and descriptions
  • understand and apply general punctuation conventions, including the use of direct speech
  • use a broad, age-appropriate vocabulary to express themselves clearly
  • complete cloze passages
  • succeed with reading comprehension passages based on different text types
  • have a good understanding of tenses and simple grammar
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