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Our motivating Advanced Language 2 programme centres around carefully selected, age-appropriate literature and is successful in developing students' language skills in the key areas of reading comprehension, speaking and writing. This syllabus has been designed to develop the student's competence and confidence in the English language.
Advanced Language 2
By the end of our Advanced Language 2 programme, we aim for the students to be able to:

  • speak clearly and accurately
  • put forward opinions and react appropriately to the opinions of others
  • read and understand a wide range of written texts in different genres and apply the skills of critical analysis to their reading
  • identify key ideas in a text and infer meaning from context summarise texts
  • develop ways of taking relevant notes
  • write in different styles and genres, including narratives, discursive essays, newspaper articles and formal letters
  • plan, draft, write, analyse, evaluate, edit and improve upon their writing
  • organise and link written ideas and use a range of literary conventions
  • develop arguments logically and cohesively
  • use a broad and expressive vocabulary in both speech and writing
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