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This programme follows on from Advanced Language 3 to develop the students' skills in the areas of speaking, reading and writing leading towards greater competence and confidence in the English language.
Advanced Language 3
By the end of our Advanced Language 3 programme, we aim for the students to be able to:

  • give clear and interesting oral presentations
  • skim, scan and identify relevant information in a text
  • deduce the meaning of unknown words from context
  • understand a wide range of written texts in different genres and apply the skills of critical analysis to their reading
  • identify key ideas in a text and infer meaning from context
  • summarise texts by paraphrasing, abridging, linking ideas and editing effectively
  • take relevant notes and create mind maps that summarise key ideas
  • write in a variety of styles, including descriptive, informal, formal, imaginative, personal, impersonal and factual
  • plan, draft, write, analyse, evaluate, edit and improve upon their writing
  • organise and link written ideas and use a range of literary conventions
  • develop arguments logically and cohesively
  • use a range of sentence structures, idiomatic language and metaphors in writing
  • use a broad and expressive vocabulary in both speech and writing
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