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We also offer daily, Intensive Language Development classes for students between the ages of four and six. Our intensive programmes are content-based and designed to encourage the academic, social, physical and emotional development of young children. This ensures that children get the best possible start to their education in the English language. For more information and consultation on the programme that fits your child’s needs best, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Language Development B
We give our Language Development B children hands-on experiences to ensure their learning is meaningful. Phonics becomes a more central part of our literacy scheme alongside big books and group reading. Each Language Development B student continues to follow our individualised reading programme which is regularly monitored by the class teacher. Throughout the year, children work towards independent writing and as well as focussing on developing strong reading and language skills, we place a significant emphasis on problem-solving and social interaction.

By the end of our Language Development B programme, we aim for the students to be able to:

  • recognise a range of high frequency words
  • read simple books with understanding
  • identify all the initial letter sounds (phonics) and start to blend sounds together
  • appreciate stories and be able to retell a story in their own words
  • listen to others and participate readily in group work and class discussions
  • use a pencil correctly to draw and write simple sentences of their own composition
  • have a knowledge of simple spelling patterns when writing
  • use a sufficiently broad vocabulary to be able to express themselves clearly
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