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We also offer daily, Intensive Language Development classes for students between the ages of four and six. Our intensive programmes are content-based and designed to encourage the academic, social, physical and emotional development of young children. This ensures that children get the best possible start to their education in the English language. For more information and consultation on the programme that fits your child’s needs best, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Language Development C
By the time our students get to the end of Language Development C, we aim for them to be self-motivated learners with a thirst for knowledge and a firm grounding in the key areas necessary for entry into primary school. The children continue with our individualised reading scheme and are expected to be reading confidently and with thorough comprehension by the end of the year. Firm in the belief that children learn best when they are having fun, our Language Development C programme has been carefully designed to combine very focussed learning activities that have specific learning outcomes with an experiential approach that allows the children to make their own discoveries about learning.

By the end of our Language Development C programme, we aim for the students to be able to:

  • speak clearly and in full sentences
  • read and spell a range of high frequency words
  • read age-appropriate books with understanding and be able to predict a simple storyline
  • use phonic sounds and blends to assist with decoding and spelling
  • appreciate stories, retell a story in their own words and sequence the main events of a story
  • listen to others and participate confidently in group work and class discussions
  • write a short story of their own composition comprising at least three or four simple sentences
  • understand and apply basic punctuation conventions
  • use a increasingly broad vocabulary to be able to express themselves clearly
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