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Our Public Speaking programmes are designed to help students of differing levels of confidence and ability develop in self-esteem and communication in the English language. The supportive group environment helps build their courage as they learn and evolve their own awareness and personal communication style. For all students we make our programmes fun, interactive and as motivational as possible, whilst maintaining a positive approach.
Public speaking is one of the most important life skills a person can learn to develop and is crucial in a fast moving world. It is more than the ability to stand up before a group of people and communicate a message; it includes articulating and promoting ideas with confidence.

Our public speaking programmes nurture students to become more fluent and expressive communicators. By the end of the course, our aim is for our students to be able to handle themselves clearly and confidently in any situation; whether at home, at school or eventually at work. Public Speaking is a skill they will have for life.

We supply Public Speaking programmes for students of upper primary and secondary ages. Our programmes develop students’ skills for better control of their body, breath and voice. This is achieved through simple practical techniques, role-play, enjoyable educational games and practice with feedback. The programmes cover speech development, writing and delivery, impromptu speaking, debating skills and the study of body language practised in a variety of contexts.

Upper Primary Public Speaking Classes
(10 - 12 year olds)

Our upper primary students develop their public speaking skills through interactive games, practice in creating and giving speeches, as well as reading aloud and participating in creative role-plays. Debating skills are explored and practiced. Emphasis is placed on active listening and constructive evaluation to enhance their learning experience. They go on to study body language and famous monologues before creating their own presentations.
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