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Many children get bored with writing composition after composition, and this can turn them off writing. Our exciting “Write This Way!” creative writing programme for LE 4 students has been specially designed to take students on an exciting writing adventure, and to help them become con dent, enthusiastic and successful writers.
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Write This Way
Students enrolled on our “Write This Way!” programme will explore a wide variety of writing genres. Each lesson contains carefully structured pre-writing, writing and consolidation activities that familiarise students with the writing focus of the lesson. In addition, all the course materials of our “Write This Way!” creative writing programme have been designed by our team of curriculum specialists to stimulate the students’ imagination and encourage creativity through written expression.

The teachers who teach on our “Write This Way!” creative writing programme go to great lengths to ensure that each child’s individual abilities and needs are taken into consideration.

Children who enrol for our “Write This Way!” creative writing programme will learn how to:

  • come up with imaginative ideas for writing
  • write in a variety of different genres, encompassing the broad areas of fictional, factual and situational writing tasks
  • plan, develop, edit and improve upon their writing
  • use a wide and expressive vocabulary to write more interestingly
  • write with a greater level of accuracy, and use a wider range of tenses and grammatical structures
  • adopt different styles of written expression, suitable for different audiences
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