Speech & Drama 1 & 2

(For children 7 & 8 years old)
Throughout our Speech & Drama 1 and 2 programmes, students develop group co-operation and improvisational skills as they devise dramas and presentations. Some drama techniques, such as flashback and thought tracking, are introduced and a greater variety of puppetry skills are developed. Students learn to vary their voice for greater expression and to control the pace at which they speak.

Speech & Drama 3 & 4

(For children 9 & 10 years old)
Students are taught to grasp more sophisticated speech techniques such as emphasis and pitch. They are guided to structure their presentations and dramas with more logic. At this level, we introduce the study, presentation and writing of short scripts and students are encouraged to work in a variety of roles within a mixture of groups.

Speech & Drama 5 & 6

(For children 11 & 12 years old)
Students learn how to structure individual presentations. They receive guidance on how to make an impact when performing a variety of texts, including stories, poems, advertisements and newspaper reports. Students are encouraged to speak on the spot without any prior preparation and to become more polished and convincing performers.
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