Gordon Reid
• Diploma of Teaching Infants and Primary
(University of New England, Australia)
• Literacy Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners
(Victoria University Melbourne, Australia)
Gordon is very excited to be returning to Lorna Whiston again. He has always felt that Lorna Whiston is a nurturing community where great learning takes place.

Gordon has over 20 years experience working in Education. Teaching Very Young Learners has been the main focus of his career. His first teaching post was in the Australian outback, teaching Kindergarten in an Indigenous community. His years studying at the University of New England (Australia), undertaking a Diploma of Teaching Infants and Primary gave him a firm platform in pedagogy and children's cognitive developmental phases. Later he gained his degree with added qualifications in TESOL and Literacy at Victoria University Melbourne. Since then, he has enjoyed guiding children through the learning process in Sydney, Melbourne, Northern Ireland, Malaysia and most recently in a Preschool in Singapore.

Gordon has travelled in every state in Malaysia and enjoy cycling, trekking, baking bread and travel. Being back in Malaysia is almost like coming home.
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