Confidence starts with language and at Lorna Whiston we have an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our highly qualified teachers spare no expense to ensure that Lorna Whiston students get the very best in terms of educational opportunities making a difference to the lives of thousands of children.

Why parents choose Lorna Whiston?

Outstanding reputation since 1980!

Established in 1980 Lorna Whiston has over the past 38 years built a reputation for high quality education and teaching excellence across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong with our signature programmes: English Language, Speech & Drama and Preschools.

English Language

Lorna Whiston English Language Programmes nurture and develop childrens speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Interactive teaching, together with varied and interesting lesson content, promotes engagement and sows the seeds for lifelong learning. Our unique curriculum, designed in-house, has proven to be highly successful over the past 38 years, ensuring that each child is well prepared in English, which in turn ensures that students excel in all subject areas throughout kindergarten, primary and secondary school.

Our students continued success is anchored by our unique Individualised Reading Programme. Each student is placed on an individualised reading level and their reading is regularly assessed to ensure that every child progresses at the right pace and develops a lifelong love of reading. Teachers continually monitor and provide on-going feedback to parents on each students progress, whilst parent teacher conferences and written reports allow parents to gain an in-depth understanding of their childs learning progress through more formal channels twice a year.

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