Speech & Drama A

Speech & Drama B&C

Speech & Drama A

(For children 4 years old)
Active participation is what we strive for in our Speech and Drama classes. From the moment they arrive, our students think, explore, sense and experience through the medium of creative drama. Speech and Drama is the perfect medium for helping children to acquire both confidence and effective communication skills. It allows the scope for young people to express themselves, explore their imaginations and to develop and present their own ideas.

Lorna Whiston's Speech and Drama A programme is designed to help very young learners articulate, express, present and perform in the English Language. Each term, we provide our young students with a wealth of oral activities using drama, phonics, enacted stories, rhymes and songs to deliver meaningful and interactive experiences. At the end of every lesson, parents receive follow up activity ideas to develop their child's awareness of sounds targeted in class and to help build oral language skills.

Speech & Drama B & C

(For children 5 & 6 years old)
Our Speech and Drama B and Speech and Drama C classes are thematic. The children recite rhymes and poems, articulate speech sounds fully and use their oral language skills to solve problems posed by role-play adventures. Students begin to work in pairs and small groups on simple presentations and explore the techniques of voice projection. Puppetry is introduced.
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