Confidence starts with language and at Lorna Whiston we have an unwavering commitment to excellence. Our highly qualified teachers spare no expense to ensure that Lorna Whiston students get the very best in terms of educational opportunities making a difference to the lives of thousands of children island-wide.

Why parents choose a Lorna Whiston?

Outstanding reputation since 1980!

Established in 1980 Lorna Whiston has over the past 38 years built a reputation for high quality education and teaching excellence across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong with our signature programmes: English Language, Speech & Drama and Preschools.

Public Speaking

For all students we make our programmes fun, interactive and motivational, maintaining a positive approach. Simple practical techniques, enjoyable educational games, and practice with feedback encourages students own development of their unique individual style. The programmes cover the four skill areas of: interpersonal skills; voice and speech; enjoyment of books, literature and other resources; application of knowledge and understanding. At the end of the programme, students have the option to take a Trinity College London Speech Communication Arts Assessments.

Trinity College London Speech Communication Arts Assessments
The Trinity College London Speech Communication Arts Assessments are practical oral assessments that are internationally recognized. In addition to challenging students to achieve the skills they need to succeed in school, they are guaranteed to give students a real edge in the increasingly competitive world of education and employment.

Although encouraged, the assessment is entirely optional. Students can enjoy the whole Lorna Whiston Public Speaking course without entering the assessment.
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